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The Butterfly Series

The Butterfly Series originated with the "Go-Go Cho-Cho Show" (55 Butterfly in Japanese), an exhibition of 55 Original Paintings in Berkeley, California, June 4th through August 26th, 2007 ... The opening reception was held June 4th with Dan Lebowitz of ALO providing live acoustic music.

This will be an ongoing series, with each painting showing its number from the series on the bottom right hand corner...occasionally additional batches of butterflies will be released and added to the series...the location of each butterfly's release is written on the back of each frame.

Each butterfly (4" x 4") is suspended in a shadowbox frame which measures 6.5" x 6.5" x 2" deep

Series One (Released In Berkeley, CA ~ June 2007)
Series Two (Released In New Hampshire, December 2007)
Series Three (Released On on February 26, 2008)
Series Four (Released in Tokyo, Japan ~ March 2008)
Series Five (Released in Tulum, Mexico ~ May 16, 2008)
Series Six (Released in North Carolina ~ June 2008)
Series Seven (Released at High Sierra Music Festival - Quincy, CA ~ July 2008)
Series Eight (Released at FLASTSTOCK18 poster fest - Seattle, WA ~ September 2008)
Series Nine (Released in Hampton Virginia ~ March 2009)
Series Ten (Released at High Sierra Music Festival in Quincy, CA ~ July 2009)
Series Eleven (Released in Denver, Colorada ~ August 2009)
Series Twelve (Released in San Francisco, California ~ October 2009)
Series Thirteen (Released in Richmond, Virginia ~ November 2009)
Series Fourteen (Released in Miami, Florida ~ December 30, 2009)
Series Fifteen (Released online ~ April 20, 2010)
Series Sixteen (Released at High Sierra Music Festival in Quincy,CA ~ July 2010)
Series Seventeen (Released at the Mile High Art Expo in Broomfield, Colorado ~ October 11, 2010
Series Eighteen (Released online ~ December, 2010)
Series Nineteen (Released in March 2011 to aid in Japan disaster relief)
Series Twenty (Released at Harmony Fest in Santa Rosa, California ~ June 10-12,2011)
Series Twenty One (Released at Da Mock Show in Chicago, Illinois ~ August 16, 2011)
Series Twenty Two (Released at the Solano stroll in Albany, CA ~ September 11, 2011)
Series Twenty Three (Released at the Hangtown Halloween Ball Placerville, CA ~ October 2012)
Series Twenty Four (Released December 2012)
Series Twenty Five (Released February 2013)
Series Twenty Six (Released May 2013)
Series Twenty Seven (Released May 2015)

The Mandala Project 2006-2014

The Mandala Series continues into 2014 with a new little twist

Each Mandala is created with colored pencil on 6 1/2" x 6 1/2" black board, in a custom designed frame by Rosario Woodworks
$150 Each (plus $10 shipping)

Each Mandala is begun, and completed on one calendar day, and dated as such...the idea being that the energy and vibe of that day will be channeled into the artwork

Only one Mandala is created on any specific day, feel free to inquire about reserving special dates for yourself
Feel free to contact me to inquire about specific dates.

Mandala Project 2005

Mandala Project 2006
Mandala Project 2007
Mandala Project 2008
Mandala Project 2009
Mandala Project 2010
Mandala Project 2011
Mandala Project 2012
Mandala Project 2013
Mandala Project 2014
Mandala Project 2015

The Garden

The Garden Series continues! The first seven pieces in this botanical series were created between 2006 - 2008 ... and now finaly, a few more have sprouted in 2010!

Each is an edition of 25 prints
7" x 9" Framed
$30 Each or $275 for the entire current series of 10 framed prints


Scented Geranium

Morning Glory

Passion Flower


Christmas Cactus






Hydrnagea Annabelle

Live Sketches Series I - VI

I carry a 4"x6" sketchbook with me to every show I attend, knowing that at some point the urge to draw will inevitable come up!...When that moment strikes, I quickly draw the performers in a very fast gestural way...

Live Sketch Series I
Live Sketch Series II
Live Sketch Series III
Live Sketch Series IV
Live Sketch Series V
Live Sketch Series VI

The Mandala Totems

A 100 day series, which began on August 21, 2005 and ended on December 29, 2005, these MandalaTotems measure 3 3/4" by 16". I created just one Totem per day, done in white pencil on black board.

This has quickly, and somewhat unexpectedly become the third phase of the Mandala Project, following the Holiday Books and the monthly handcolored and framed Mandalas. I have enjoyed this project immensely and it was extremely gratifying to pour myself into these!

Custom frames are still available for the remaining totems made by the same kind soul who made the monthly frames in the Mandala Series. These frames are optional. To inquire about the availability of any remaining totems and custom frames, please contact me.

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