the art of ryan kerrigan

In Living Color
by Stu Fox
The Ithaca Times | February 16, 2000

A series of colorful concert posters that flash back to the psychedelic art of the 1960s have been brightening up the local landscape since last September. They started off as a vehicle for advertising the Haunt's Thursday night jam shows, and have evolved into a popular form for spreading the word about other shows at the club.

"We thought it would help take the whole music scene to the next level, and make it comparable to what they did in the Bay area back in the '60s," says local artist Ryan Kerrigan. "Full color posters seemed like an obvious step. Everybody does black and white posters, and I wanted to do something that will last, rather than just get thrown away afterwards."

"It's great to start something like this in Ithaca," adds Kerrigan. "My first love in art was the old psychedelic posters, and to actually be doing that now is a dream come true. I listen to the band as I'm doing it, and just kinda let the feeling of the music come through in the colors and the whole thing. Another aspect of this whole thing, is to get people to see that we've got a strong community here. There's so many people in this town who don't even realize that we have great bands like Wingnut around."

Kerrigan produces 100 numbered posters for each show, and sells half of them at the gigs and at his shop on the Commons, The Poster Store. His artwork is going to be on display at Juna's in April. "It's going to be the entire Haunt series, and I'm also going to do a poster for the art show," he says. "There are going to be a lot of shows in April and we're gonna incorporate it with those gigs. It's all going to interrelate in the scene that it's a celebration of the local music and art scene."